Monday 23 July 2012

Review: Entangled by Cat Clarke

Title: Entangled
Author: Cat Clarke
Series: n/a
Publication Date: 6th January 2011

My Synopsis:
17 year old Grace wakes up in a write room with only pens and paper to keep her entertained. She realises she has been kidnapped, but the last thing she remembers is meeting a stranger named Ethan just before she planned to kill herself. She decides to write about what is happening and what has happened in the past that made her want to commit suicide.

Why I picked this book up:
The premise sounded really interesting and it was recommended to me by Librarything.

Did it live up to my expectations?

What I thought:
The book had me hooked straight away. It reads a bit like a diary with Grace writing what is happening and what has happened in the past, so you are learning of it as she is remembering/writing it. Because of this you only see her side of the story. The book was a little confusing, especially the end, but I think this added to the book for me, I like a book that makes me think and lets me come to my own conclusions (it does give some kind of ending, it’s up to you how you interpret it.) This book does deal with a lot of issues, but they are not in an your face/after school special kind of way, they add to the story rather than being what the story is about.
I really enjoyed this book and will definitely more by this author.

My favourite quote/s from the book:
“For a brief moment of madness yesterday (after an entirely sleepless night), I did entertain the thought that maybe he is a vampire. Until I remembered that my life isn’t actually Twilight.”

If this book were a song it would be “Many of Horror” by Biffy Clyro, sad, good and slightly confusing, many people will interpret it in different ways.

If this book were a food it would be marmite, you either love it or hate it, but never can figure out quite what is in it. There are also many things like it, but nothing quite like it if you know what I mean.

Read if:
You liked “Scars” by Cheryl Rainfield; both books are about cutting as a way of release.
You liked “Ultraviolet” by R. J. Anderson, both books having you guessing if they are paranormal or realistic YA.

Up next for review:
The Eyes of Kid Midas by Neal Shusterman

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