Tuesday 21 August 2012

Review: The Fall by David L Dawson

Title: The Fall
Author: David L Dawson
Series: #1 of The God Slayers Trilogy
Publication Date: January 29th 2012

My Synopsis:
Ben has just returned from his journey into the world at age 14, making him a man and ready to settle down, marry and take over from his father as Mayor. They live in a world where Gods at war are destroying the world, and there are also dangerous Felum around, making the world a dangerous place.

Why I picked this book up:
It was offered as a member giveaway book on Librarything, asking for reviews in return, and described as a young adult dystopian, my favourite type of book.

Did it live up to my expectations?
Yes and no, took me a while to get into and some parts annoyed me, but overall I enjoyed it.

What I thought:
This started off with some action which was great, but then it slowed down and took a while to really get going again. The romance with Brian got on my nerves, it went from seeing him different, to being full on in love despite Brian not feeling the same way, the only glimpses we get of Brian make him seem not very nice and I cannot see what Ben sees in him. Skye was an interesting character and I would like to see more of her in the next book. I enjoyed the whole aspect of the Gods warring and ruining the world at the same time, but think this may be one to stay away from if you are quite religious, as it is rather anti-religion. Ben often sounded younger than his 14 years, which seemed a bit odd as he was supposed to be man and marry after that age.
The felum really interested me and I would love to hear more about them.
Overall I enjoyed the second half, but not so much the first half.

My favourite quote/s from the book:
“I want to tell her how I had exceeded against all odds; fought the Felum in pitched battle and avoided a macabre death from Gods and starvation but I can’t. I will never tell her what really happened. All she needs to know is that I am back. I hug her, and I cry, and pretend like I’ve never been away.”

How it stood as part of a series:
This is the first book in a series, it does give some background information, but not all, it also left quite a cliff hanger at the end. I will probably read the next book to give the series a real chance to get better.

Read if:
I’m not sure what you will like if you like this.

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